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Upholstered furniture production process

Release time:[2016-4-30]     Browse the number:7066

Sofa business meetings when it gives the office functions. Office sofa when the environment generally, Director, Office of the President as well as the staff recreation area. And depending on the different positions, style, using simple office director room sofa and the President's Office generally employed is atmospheric, strong office sofa. So how office sofa production process it?

1, Woodworking: set within the frame, according to the order number, according to the model is expected to open, and then set the combination frame.

2, the dielectric cotton: according to the template to cut the sponge spare

3, stick cotton backing: the sponge out according to process requirements, including reasonable sticky shelves.

4, cut the skin: made to order, receive fabric, check fabric, reasonable layout, press the template to cut out the desired fabric.

5, sewing: cut out of the fabric, the car into the holster.

6, semi-finished products inspection: Check to make more holster and inner frame meets the process requirements.

7, palpable Paper: The standard leather palpable on the glued wooden sponge, required to achieve full rounded, flowing lines, symmetrical on both sides evenly.

8. Installation: Installing the sofa frame and feet; chair install handrails, chassis and test equipment