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Traditional furniture industry how to run e-commerce

Release time:[2016-4-30]     Browse the number:6689

Traditional furniture industry is facing rent, personnel management costs, many other factors led to the distribution part of the furniture prices, the formation of the end price and the transaction price of office furniture products produced a huge deviation status quo, a serious blow to the development of the business. Coupled with recent years by the rise of network development, online store sales and the prevalence of intra-industry competition and other factors have declined in sales, because of this, many of the traditional network operators have been put into the market,

First, the channel selection of office furniture

If the traditional furniture industry itself has the advantages of purchasing or production advantages can through B2B2C, such as shopping centers that have high traffic category management counseling path most appropriate, learn to master these platforms cost control, planning activities escalated with category managers are often will follow the platform features to operate, and therefore only need to follow the planning category manager usually run on the platform will have good results.

If the traditional furniture industry is to sell products through store presentation, you can choose distinctive or differentiated products to a lower threshold C2C platform to sell.